Other Coast Churches


Anglican Church: Mike Donaldson – 07 49391226     

Assembly of God – Yeppoon: Ernie Peters – 07 49391418

ASSEMBLY OF GOD – EMU PARK: Steve Sell – 07 4938 7124






Baptist Church: Sam Vaughan – 07 49395949

OPEN GATE Church: Matt Hanlon – 07 49388857

Catholic Church: Bryan Hanifin – 07 49336171        

360 CHURCH (coc): Geoff Warcon – 07 49393040


Living Waters Lutheran Church: 07 49285235

SALVATION ARMY: 07 4939 2578 

Seventh Day Adventist Church: Alvin Coltheart – 07 49398417

Uniting Church: Ron Watson – 07 49391364  

Wesleyan Methodist Church: Brian Brown – 07 49397100

Worship & Ministry Community Church: Brian Mulholland – 07 49398227

Chaplain Yeppoon High School: Pat Eastwood – 07 49392500

Capricorn Adventist Retirement Village: John Martin – 07 49392801

2 thoughts on “Other Coast Churches

  1. Dear Phil,

    My name is Tina Miller with Bible Heritage Foundation, based in Spokane, WA. I am writing to you about our Christian website http://www.thestoryofjesus.com that faithfully recounts the true story of the Lord Jesus Christ based exclusively on the four Gospel accounts of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. Our vision is to proclaim this life-changing story of the Savior to the unchurched world as well as to the mature Christian. We are getting wonderful response.

    The reason I am contacting you is that no other resource like this exists on the internet, and we would like you to consider adding thestoryofjesus.com link to your website. We believe that this non-branded, not for profit site will be a great tool that you and your people can use to evangelize the lost.

    Thestoryofjesus.com was developed for the purpose of coming alongside and supporting the Church through a simple and easy to understand presentation of the Gospel on the internet. We would invite you to take a look at the site and see that we are not selling anything, not collecting emails for a mailing list, nor asking for donations. This is all being given “as unto the Lord”, free of charge, with no hidden agenda or marketing strategy. We simply want to tell the story of God’s only Son, Jesus. We are totally ‘commercial’ free with the focus entirely upon the Word. If you can find your way to add us without a swap, that would be wonderful. But if not, we understand

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    Tina Miller
    Bible Heritage Foundation

  2. Hi Phil,
    Thank you for publishing the letter by Les Smith to me re the Salvation Army house church bushfire relief centre. We’d be please if you would mention our site perhaps in your links.

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