Listening to a Chris Rice song today in which he sang about the whole of creation worshipping God I began to ponder the thought of mountains worshipping. They can’t lift up their hands and sing, actions we attribute to worship.  So in what way do they worship?

Then tonight I watched ‘EARTH’, an amazingly beautiful documentary on the marvels of this planet, and was again  reminded that day after day the earth  silently gives praise to its Maker. Just by being. By being what it was created to be.

And surely this is the highest form of worship and what He supremely seeks in us. Surely God takes His greatest delight in us when we are simply being what we are made to be.  A reflection of his image, resting in  his love and grace and being led by his spirit into a multitude of creative affirmations of  His Being.

Just singing about Him is too easy. The Carols by Candlelight tele-spectaculars are evidence of that and the great worship spectaculars exist because we do in fact love to sing His praises. However, in a day when the church is able to turn out great songs so easily, maybe the ‘hillsong’ * that we need is closer to that which the hills give to God day after day just by being what they were intended to be. Nothing more and nothing less. Perhaps worship is more about being than doing. Being available. Being transparent. Being vulnerable. Being a vessel. Being a friend.

Lord help me to be all that you made me to be in the coming year. Help me to bring you more than a song.

* No criticism of Hillsong intended here. To a great extend they are simply being what they were raised to be.

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This wasn’t meant to be on this site, but why not. It’s a farmstay / christian camp that we spent a few days at Malanda on the Atherton Tablelands near Cairns. It’s for a site I set up for them at .