The Sunday Morning Obsession

Worship bandThis is an excerpt from Lance Ford. Sadly Sunday Morning ‘church’ seems to be the highlight of many a Christian’s spiritual experience. I can’t imagine that Jesus intended this to be so. That the best expression of our faith should happen inside a religious building?  I’m not sure that the average Australian is remotely interested in Sunday Morning Church no matter how we jazz it up. But many Christians love a slick, well oiled Sunday event – and would be offended by me describing it as such.

A couple of nights ago I was channel flipping and caught a talk being given at a church planter’s conference. First of all, I was surprised to see a church planting conference being shown on TV. I was soon cringing though as the (well known) speaker said, “The first priority you have is to present a great Sunday morning service.” The camera quickly scanned the audience, as a sea of goateed future planters scribbled down this “critical” learning point.

I literally yelled at the television, “No!” This is one of the biggest problems we have with attractional churches today. Pastors and church staffs are obsessed with Sunday mornings. The vast majority of time, resources, and energy go into creating and sustaining Sunday mornings. Jesus’ commission to make disciples gets the leftovers.

Lance Ford

4 thoughts on “The Sunday Morning Obsession

  1. Hi Phil,

    It’s so frustrating that so many people including pastors think it’s all about Sunday morning. I’ve just read Skye Jethani’s book “The Divine Commodity” which is all about how the dominant culture of consumerism plays out in church life. An excellent critique of the performance approach and giving people what they think they want in order to attract people.

  2. Hi Phil, so sad that ‘going to a particular church’ sunday after sunday not only becomes a ‘trend’ for so many years but also have become an idol of so many Christians, they think they cannot live without it, nor the pastor, what a traggic belief and ideas, poor shallow Christianity in our generation. We are setting ourselves as bad examples for generations to follow, namely our children and our grandchildren. At times in my Making Disciples seminar discussions I have to convert Christians into Disciples of Jesus. Christians goes to church and finds Christ, disciples is the church and follows Christ.

  3. had to smile at
    “The camera quickly scanned the audience, as a sea of goateed future planters scribbled down this “critical” learning point….”

    as I have noticed that too 🙂

    I hope they were males
    OF COURSE they were
    nothing has really changed with some fo these ‘cutting edge’ ministries

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