I was asked by Bessie Pereira of OIKOS  magazine to write a few lines on what are my ‘hopes’ for 2008 and found the question to be fairly focussing. In previous years I probably would have gone for ‘fruitfulness’, however our journey into simple church has changed my priorities somewhat. In the end I think my primary ‘hope’ for the coming days is simply that we will experience more of the presence of Christ among us.  

I have been challenged by David Orten’s insight into the difference between the ‘GOAL’ and the ‘PRIZE’ (Snakes in the Temple) and the need to not confuse the two in our longing for fruitfulness. Fruitfulness, revival, community, healing power etc (all the things I hope for) are prizes that come to us as we keep our eye on the goal, which is intimacy with Christ. I now am starting to realise our strivings after tangible, quantifiable (and braggable) results are best channeled into a striving after rest, quietness, less activity and more listening, a Mary priority rather than a Martha one. Fruitfulness is God’s business. Abiding in Christ is ours. 

May the Lord of the Harvest bless us all this year as we labour to know Him, whom to know is life and peace. And fruitfulness, revival, community, healing etc ……

2 thoughts on “MY ‘HOPES’ FOR 2008

  1. yeah it’s true. As I experience revival in my heart and have the greatest intimacy I’ve had with God in a number of years, a whole lot of the things that I had previously been striving for are now falling perfectly into place.

  2. Hello Jonathan. I’m not used to getting comments, especially on old postings. But I’m glad you did. It caused me to read my own words again and do a self-check. The sentiments are still true. The doing is harder but there really is no alternative. Bless you, we must catch up, Phil

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