Christmas stars

We’d just finished watching a musical rendition of Dickens’ A Christmas Carol during which Gideon (a thoughtful 5 year old grandson) solemnly explained that “all this will happen to Scrooge if he doesn’t change his attitude”. I’d never heard him use the word ‘attitude’ before and it was both amusing and encouraging to hear him say it. After all ‘attitude’ is bigger than just a word. It defines a person (as Dickens’ tale so aptly portrays) and has a huge affect on their life and circumstances.

Paul says, “Let this attitude be in you that was also in Christ Jesus …” I imagine Jesus to be a person who loved festivals and occasions. No “Bah, humbug” would have come from him. So, instead of spending my time criticising the way Christmas is handled by the shops and the TV I’m going to make it my own and celebrate Christmas with ‘attitude’ – the right kind. Have a happy one and may we all walk in God’s favour and rich blessing in the coming year.

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