a gift from the father

The following is from a blog entry by ‘alexander’ on the simplechurch.co.uk blogsite. And it is so simple really. If we could grasp it it would save us from getting bogged down in needless effort and heart ache. Lord, teach me to just keep my focus and my passion centred on YOU!

More from “So you don’t want to go to church anymore?”

…“What I’m trying to get you to consider is that body life is not something you can create. It is a gift that Father gives as people grow in his life. Body life isn’t rocket science. It is the easiest thing in the world when people are walking with him. You get within twenty feet of someone else on that journey and you’ll find fellowship easy and fruitful.”

“That’s what we’re looking for. We thought that when we got church right we’d all have the relationship with God we’re looking for,” Marvin broke in.

John continued, “Just consider that you’ve gotten it backwards. No church model will produce God’s life in you. It works the other way around. Our life in God, shared together, expresses itself as the church. It is the overflow of his life in us. You can tinker with church principles forever and still miss out on what it means to live deeply in Father’s love and know how to share it with others.”

…“That’s where religion has done the most damage. By making people dependent on itsleaders, it has made God’s people passive in their own spiritual growth. We wait for others to show us how, or even just follow them in hopes that they’re getting it right. Jesus wants this relationship with you and he wants you to be an active part in that process.”

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