The Tide is Rising

Hi. Welcome to my blogsite. I won’t have something everyday (as some more verbal bloggers seem able to do) but I wanted something to just put down my thoughts and the thoughts of some of my favourite people in regard to some of the challenges facing Jesus’ on-earth community, the church.

This first post is an article I wrote for our first  Rising Tide Prophetic Gathering,  which happens in Yeppoon each October. It touches our reason for being as a church.

THE TIDE IS RISING – October 2003

I don’t often get up in time to watch the sun come up over the Keppel Islands but I have occasionally done so and at times been powerfully moved by its symbolism.

Two and a half thousand years ago, as the prophet Isaiah observed the sun rising daily over the land, a revelation entered his spirit of the Glory of God and His intentions for the earth. Visions entered his heart of a day when the knowledge of God would “fill the earth as the waters cover the sea.” (Isaiah 11:8). As he gazed into God’s purposes and plans for planet Earth he saw streams flowing in barren deserts, the parched land drinking in the rain and the Lord coming to His people ‘ like a pent up flood that the breath of the LORD drives along” (Isaiah 59:18).

Over two millennia have passed since Isaiah’s revelation of God’s glory breaking upon the earth and yet for many the vision is still as alive as it was with Isaiah. Many of us are like surfers, tired of the little swells that never really went very far and waiting with expectancy for ‘the big one’.
Mind you, catching the big one has its challenges (so I’m told). You first of all have to stop chasing after the lesser ones. Then you have to move out into deeper water, out where the swells can build, away from the shallows – put yourself into position for the big one so that you are ready when it begins to rise. Then you have to watch. Watch and keep watching, dreaming of the big one, ready to move at the sign of its arrival.

Well I’m not a surfer and neither was Isaiah, but I tell you, in the spirit my board is waxed up and I’m hunting down Isaiah’s wave. I’m joining that crowd of glory seekers that are tired of playing around in the shallows as far as church is concerned. There’s a tide rising up! We can’t stay where we were. There is a movement upon the waters and a flood of glory is gathering strength. An ocean swell of over two thousand years of the prophetic word is about to rise up and sweep across the earth. God’s word is sure and, praise God, it is not bound by time. It is eternal, and having proceeded from his mouth it goes forward like a pent up flood towards its destiny and will not recede until its purpose is accomplished.

So I hope you brought your board along. There’s a gathering going on, out there, out near the horizon. Bless you and have a great gathering.

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